Audio/Video multi-Room

Multi-room Audio and Visual

customised Entertainment Network Systems (cENS)

Building on the cabling infrastructure of a customised home network, the multi-room solution is based on a modular approach, with minimal installation and setting up. This scalable solution can distribute multiple inputs to every room in your home. The cENS are controlled by a choice of in-wall keypads, infa-red remote controls or PC based control systems. This allows great flexibility in how and where voice, data, audio and visual are used, enabling smart living to become a reality.

A plasma/LCD TV will add both elegance and style to your living room, displaying TV and film on a picture frame-thin display. High Definition TVs will give you up to four times the amount of information that old cathode ray televisions do.

A great AV amp/speaker combination will envelop you in sound, drawing you into the movie, while a dedicated DVD or Blu-ray player will reproduce pictures and sounds to a cinema standard.