Commercial Satellite and aerial systems Installation

At Home Vision we have a select team of engineers that are fully trained in commercial systems. We use the latest technology and test equipment that enables us to be at the cutting edge of any installation.

We can install UHF / VHF / DAB / FM Systems

We can also install MATV / SMATV / IRS Systems which are explained below:


Master Antenna Television Systems provide Terrestrial television and radio reception for Multi occupied dwellings.

MATV Systems allow the distribution of analogue and digital terrestrial signals.

Although no satellite I.F. signals are distributed Terrestrial Freeview Set Top Boxes can be installed to provide an additional

70 channels provided the system conforms to current C.A.I. standards.


Satellite Master Antenna Systems are as MATV Systems with the inclusion of predetermined Satellite or Freeview channels.

These systems are usually installed in commercial premises such as hotels, hospitals and holiday parks.

Selected channels are processed at the system head end and remodulated to RF frequencies to allow the direct tuning of televisions

IRS Picture.jpg


An IRS (Integrated Reception Systems) collects the broadcast signals from terrestrial (analogue & digital) and satellite transmitters, as well as FM radio and the new Digital Audio Broadcasts (DAB). All of these signals are then distributed to a new 3 socket wall outlet  plate in each flat, which is screened from electrical interference and which delivers all available TV channels, including both analogue  and digital terrestrial,and digital satellite to the resident.Installing IRS means that the resident is free to decide to either connect  their existing TV equipment to the system to pick up the existing free-to-air analogue signals, (until they are switched off), or to take up digital satellite or digital terrestrial television, now or in the future. This solution means that the landlord installing IRS does not have to favour any one particular supplier of TV programming. The choice is left to the resident.

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Satellite / Sky Plus & High definition Systems

Commercial & Domestic Distribution Systems Designed and Installed to your requirements  Commercial Repair ServiceNew Flat Builds - We can work alongside the electricians to make sure at the end of the project the consumer has stable digital both satellite and terrestrial.

Multipoint satellite and aerial installation in Inverness