Satellite installation service

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Freesat from BBC

The brand new digital satellite TV service from the BBC and ITV. Entertaining you with over 80 great TV and radio channels, including HD for free.

  • Over 80 digital TV and radio channels
  • HD TV programmes subscription-free
  • No contract, no subscription, just a
    one-off payment
  • Available to almost every home in the UK

Freesat offers a great choice of channels from entertainment and children’s to movies and music. Plus you get free HD programmes. All for no extra cost.

Freesat HD Box £159.99

Freesat standard £59.99

Installation charges:

1 Room - £89.99

2 Rooms - £139.99

3 Rooms - £189.99

4 Rooms - £239.99

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Sky Plus Subscription

A digital video recorder and receiver in one, Sky+ lets you record and store your favourite programmes so you can watch them whenever you like. You can pause and rewind live TV and with an average of 40 hours of recording time you will always have something you want to watch. And now with Remote Record you can even set your Sky+ box to record from anywhere you go using your mobile phone

Key Features include:

One Button Recording:-Record directly to your Sky+ box at the touch of a button - no tapes, no timers, no fuss. Record an entire series at the touch of a button or record two programmes at once

Pause Live TV:-Need to take a break? Just pause the action and return later, you won't have to miss a second

Instant Rewind:-Never miss a key piece of the action again - just rewind it

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Sky HD subscription

You will need a HD Ready Television to experience SKY HD. It is designed to work with over 4 times as much picture detail as standard definition TV pictures.

High Definition TV is the biggest revolution in TV for years. Sky HD will bring you a cinema like experience in your own home with sharper, clearer, more vibrant pictures and amazing Dolby Digital 5.1 sound quality on many programmes. Once you've experienced it, you'll never want to go back

What is HD?

High Definition (HD) offers picture quality with four times more detail, vibrant colour and incredible depth, the Ultimate way to watch your favourite programmes. So how does it work?

Essentially, HD works by using more than four times as many pixels to create a picture compared to normal TV. This gives incredible clarity to images, with edges and lines looking more distinct. HD also uses millions more colours than normal TV, increasing the richness and intensity of everything you watch. And because many HD programmes are made with cinema-style surround sound, you can experience this in full with a compatible surround sound system.

Although it is often talked about in terms of television programmes, the impact of HD has also been felt in the worlds of gaming and home movie-making. Games consoles supporting HD content are now on the market, enhancing gamers' experience with astonishingly lifelike graphics, while HD camcorders like the Sony High Definition HDD Handycam HDR-SR1E are also available for shooting video in high definition.

To watch HD programmes you need:

- HD Ready TV like a Sony Bravia
- HD Set top box
- Subscription to an HD TV service like Sky HD

Key Features include:

More Detail:-Sky HD captures every detail, with vibrant colour and incredible depth an everything seems so much more life like.

Vibrant Colour:-The increased picture quality of High Definition will bring a rich intensity to everything you watch on Sky HD Channels.

Depth of Field:-Background detail will spring to life. You'll see every face in the crowd.

Resonant Sound:-With a complete Home Cinema system, you'll be able to enjoy Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound on many HD programmes, putting you at the heart of the action.

Sky+ Functonality:-With a Sky+ subscription you will be able to enjoy all of the functionality of Sky+ on your Sky HD box. Pause, rewind and record, no tapes no timers - no fuss.

Wide Range of HD Channels:-At launch Sky HD offers the widest range of HD channels in the UK with entertainment, sports, movies, Prem Plus, The History Channel HD and factual programming in HD

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Enjoy all the same great Sky TV channels you get with your main Sky TV subscription on another TV in another room.

You can catch a movie in one room whilst the rest of your family watches a different programme in another room. Then all you need is a multiroom subscription for your second box!

There are three equipment options to choose from; 2x standard Sky boxes, the more advanced Sky+ box and Sky box and Sky HD box and Sky Box. Sky+ and Sky HD functionality are not available through a standard Sky Box.

Your second box carries an additional Multiroom subscription.