Satellite Broadband

Tooway Satellite Broadband

Home Vision are based in the highlands of Scotland and install Tooway Satellite Broadband which is a high-speed Internet straight to your home.

Using proven satellite technology, Tooway delivers fast Internet access straight to your home. More than 150 times faster than traditional dial-up, with a quality of service comparable to ADSL2, Tooway is an always-on broadband service for all your internet needs, whether it’s surfing the web, emailing, downloading music or watching videos.

With up to 18 Mbps download and 6 Mbps upload speeds, there will be no frustration waiting around for your content or information to arrive on screen.

Tooway gives you the best of user experience with cutting-edge technology embedded in your modem. There is also the advantage of receiving Sky or Freesat off the same dish if required.

With prices starting at £19.99 why put up with frustrating internet speeds any longer?

BeyonDSL Satellite Broadband

Home Vision also install the BeyonDSL satellite broadband systems so as long as you have somewhere to install the dish with a clear view of the southern sky you can get this satellite broadband service.

Our service is compatible with any computer that has a network connection and by using a router you can even share the service with multiple computers wirelessly. We use SES, Europe's leading provider of satellite services, to deliver SBBS (SES Broadband Service) via SES's ASTRA satellites - so not only can you experience the same reliability as Sky TV but you can also receive Sky or Freesat from the same dish. In fact, with our VOIP option you can even use a UK VOIP service over the satellite connection.

With prices starting at £14.99 per month why not give it a try!